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Artist Statement


My work is an attempt to make visual my reality; thoughts and feelings based on my experiences, making the abstract concrete and multi-interpretive.  To tease out these ideas I use and respond to different materials and techniques ranging from found objects to fabricated forms made from concrete, steel, plaster, lead, plastic, wood or clay.  There is an endless need to discover materials that match the current concept, which creates continual research for the right fit.


In the past my clay works dealt with imagery that was very influenced by the landscape, architecture, and forms from nature.  Figure and shadow gave the work a formal sense of scale but also spoke to themes of isolation and uncertainty.  


After creating a piece out of stabilized adobe that was very similar to my process with clay, my materials began to broaden greatly. This was a liberating realization and since then my ideas have been more open to different possibilities through materials and how I can use space beyond the limitations of working with clay.


Current works come from a place of reacting to loss, hope, and a sense of lifting up.

These abstract concepts find their way into my work through process.  The physicality of examining ideas in the studio creates a deeper understanding of the issues behind my work, evolving into a physical manifestation of metaphor and form.  This intuitive meandering frees the work from direct narrative allowing the form to speak more directly and universally to my musings as opposed to my story.